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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I'm back!

Hello there! Well, I know I've been away for a while but I'm back now. The reason for my sudden departure is that I have been unwell.

Following increasingly worsening symptoms of thirst, blurred vision, palpitations and hyperventilating, I was taken into hospital on the 13th June. Turns out, I've got Type I diabetes!!!

I was in hospital for 10 days, on various drips, and now I've got to test my blood glucose levels and give myself two insulin injections a day.

Then, my in-laws came for a 10-day visit, so of course I had to pack up my craft room (AGAIN!!) so I could make up the sofa bed.

Anyway, I quickly got the hang of the injections and I'm still trying to manage my blood glucose levels. My husband very kindly sits and eats sweets, cakes and chocolates in front of me, knowing I can't eat any of them. He even came into the hospital with Twix bars and Fruitellas!!! He's a cruel man! Actually, he was very good. He came to visit me every day I was in hospital (driving from Newbury to Reading every time) and he even came in twice a day whilst I was in the CDU ward for the first two days.

So, I've now got my craft room back and I've been busy making cards. I'll upload a couple of them each day over the next few days.

It's good to be back and I look forward to seeing what you've all been up to on your blogs. I'm sure I've missed out on a few new trends that have taken hold.



Hi Kathleen
Nice to see you back sorry you have been unwell,but at least you know what it is and they can srt it out for you,
Dianne xx

debby4000 said...

Oh goodness, hope you're all sorted out now. Take card and make sure you do as the Hospital tells you.

Tara said...

Sorry you've been through so much hun and things have been so serious for you. Hope you're well and truly on the mend now and will be back in the swing of things very soon! xx

Julie said...

HI Kathleen

So sorry to hear you've been unwell- hope it's all going ok for you now you know what it is! Take care of yourself and hope to see you on the 15th? Love Juliexxx

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