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Friday, 14 August 2009

Weekend Get-Together

OK - so I haven't uploaded the men's cards, but I've been far to busy. You see, I'm meeting up with a couple of friends from the docrafts forum on Saturday and I wanted to make them each a little gift, so I've been busy beavering away making them. I'll try and either scan them in or take some photos and upload the pictures next week (assuming I can find the cable to connect the camera to the laptop!!)

I'm really excited to see Jules and Alex again, and a friend of Jules is also coming along so I look forward to meeting her too.

This will also be my first post-diabetes solo trip so a bit nervous about that aspect of things, but I shall have my insulin and a snack with me to make sure I'm OK.

Well, got to go and put the finishing touches to my little gifts, then off to bed. Need to decide what stash to take with me and see if I can find my little cutting mat. I think it's in a box somewhere!!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Thanks so much for coming Kathleen - I know it was a long journey for you! I love my post it note gift too. Had a great day and feel quite revitalised and inspired!! Juliexxx

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