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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Some Good News - Completely Non-Craft Related!!

Can't believe how long it is since I last posted but we had some very good news on Thursday so we spent the weekend celebrating down in Newbury.

Hubby was promoted on Thursday! [Smiley Face! :¬)]

We've been waiting for this for a few years now and to be honest I think he'd completely given up on it all. So, we headed down to the Regiment on Thursday afternoon and he and some friends decided that they should go out on the town in fancy dress!! Hubby started off trying on someone's real nurse's dress that he'd blagged off a nurse some years ago (that sounds dodgy doesn't it!), but the press studs wouldn't do all the way up (that was quite a sight to be seen I can assure you!!)

So, someone else then offered their ghost outfit and we headed into town with Buzz Lightyear, Thor, a couple of 'lady boys' and a very camp cowboy!! Unfortunately, the mask that went with the ghost outfit didn't allow for drinking , so he actually got called all sorts during the evening from Taliban to Jesus (ironic really!!)

Of course, this promotion will no doubt mean another house move, and most likely back down to Newbury - which of course means that I'll be closer to buddies Julie and Alex. Hooray!!! So, looks like I'll have to start packing again - at least in time for the usual October move!

On top of that, it's hubby's birthday today (well, yesterday now) and so we went out for a very nice meal to the Thai restaurant in Sleaford. It's the first time we've been out in the evening in Sleaford (we've only lived up here for 6 months!!) and the food was delicious. I can honestly say that Thai food is my favourite. Another bonus was that I found a flyer in there for a Chinese Supermarket in the centre of Lincoln so will be going there tomorrow with a bit of luck. I'm trying to get myself a new set of shelves for my craft room (the ones I have are open-backed and open-sided and things have a tendency to fall off so I'm after a bookshelf-style set. Seen one in the Tesco Direct book and in Homebase so off into Lincoln to see what else is on offer (for a bargain!)


Julie said...

Woohoo!!!! Great news Kathleen, oh I do hope you move back down.. Oh and congrats to hubby too, of course!! I'd love to have been a passer by to see the fancy dress parade!! Was up in Lincoln on Saturday but only for the day! Looks like you may be back before we manage a get together in Lincoln!! Juliexxx

kay said...

congratulations to your hubby kathleen and glad you have had a fab weekend,dont envy you packing again though it will be good to be with your buddies,hope the shopping trip is successful,x

Kimmi said...

Congrats to Hubby and his promotion!! Have fun with the packing - esp all your craft stash - you will find treasures you forgot you had hehe!


p.s. of course its ok to put a link of my blog (Distress Ink Tut) on your own blog - I dont mind :D xx

Eisbärin said...

Just read this, Kathleen, how fantastic!!! I keep everything crossed that you end up coming back nearer to me and Jules! Congrats to your hubs and I would have loved to see his dress ups ;-)
Love, Alex

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