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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ribbon Storage Solution

I don't know about anyone else, but my ribbon storage leaves a lot to be desired.

My ribbons are stored in a number of ways.

The loose ribbons, the ones I've bought from haberdashers, Hobbycraft etc, are currently wrapped around the inner tubes of toilet rolls, but no matter which tape I use (Sellotape, masking tape, magic Scotch tape), invariably they come unstuck and start to unravel. I also have some ribbon on their reels, but most of them are the Dovecraft ones, and I'm sure you're all aware just how rubbish the reels are as they fall apart at the drop of a hat. I also have some that are stored around strips of card - and they get creases in them. I've also got a box of Brenda Pinnick ribbons that are stored not only on strips of card but are also still in the cardboard box they came in.

Other than the Brenda Pinnick ribbons, all my ribbons are stored by colour in Ziploc bags, but they are now so bulky due to the toilet roll inners, that they no longer fit into the large plastic box that they've always been stored in.

So, following numerous threads over on the docrafts cardmaking forum regarding storage solutions for ribbon, I did a Google search and came across a link to an e-book which gives instructions for a ribbon hanger and at the moment there is a bonus e-book with instructions for a re-order ring, where a sample of all your ribbons are stored with the details of the ribbon such as brand (if applicable), where you bought it and how much it cost. There is also the possibility of adding how much of it you have bought and making a note of how much you use so you can see when you are running low on anything.

So, the author of this book is an English lady called Sunday and she has a blog. I think she is mainly a scrapbooker, but if her ribbon storage solutions are anything to go by, I'm sure there will be lots of other interesting posts on there.

So, onto the e-book!

I had a couple of problems getting the download but Sunday was very helpful and got back to me as soon as she got my email and sorted everything out. (I think I was maybe a bit impatient and clicked on the wrong button).

The link for the e-book is here. I paid for mine through Paypal and it came to about £4.70 I think (it will depend on the exchange rate as for some reason it is priced in US$ at $7.50). I weighed everything up and figured if I went out and bought anything it would cost more than that.

The e-book is copyrighted so unfortunately I can't just post the instructions on here for you, but I think the price tag is well worth it (assuming I can get it to work!)

The solution I had been considering is the one over on Nicole Heady's blog with the dolly pegs and glass jars - but the dolly pegs would have been about £11 for 300 if I'd got them in Wilkinson's, that's before I got the glass jars to put them in. And they take up lots of shelf space which I don't have in my room.
I also considered buying the plastic tags that hold two or three lengths of ribbon from Ribbon Oasis, but at £36 for 200, this would also start to get a bit pricey!!

So, the idea of hanging my ribbons up appealed to me. That way I'll get a better idea of what I've got, and with the re-order ring, where I got it from and how much it cost per metre for when I need to get some more. I could add a couple of hooks to the side of my shelf unit and hang them there. I might have to come up with a solution to them getting dusty - maybe a clear plastic bag over the top like dry-cleaning!

Now, I've read the instructions and they are very clear. BUT I haven't as yet made any, so this endorsement comes with a caveat - I will post again once I've made one and let you know how I get on.

1 comment:

Sunday said...

Thanks for the mention re the Ribbon Holder here on your great blog. Lots of lovely cards! I really like the background you have on here too!
Sunday from

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